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Dogs can be problematic at airports if the owner doesn�t prepare

Even though most dog bites occur near someone’s house in a neighborhood, some owners do make the mistake of bringing violent pets into public areas. If an incident where the dog attacks someone else within the premises occurs, both the pet owner and property owner can be held liable.

Airports in particular have seen a number of animal-related incidents in the past. In December 2017, a five-year old girl in Portland made national headlines when she was attacked by an emotional support dog while waiting for her flight. Her family is now suing the dog’s owner for not taking better control of the canine as well as the airline for not enforcing any prior restrictions for the pet.

What does undue influence look like?

Not many people believe that their family or their loved ones could be the victim of undue influence. That is something saved for fiction that adds an exciting twist to a story.

However, undue influence is one of the most common reasons people contest the will of their loved one during probate.

The effect understaffing has on nursing home residents

Understaffing is a significant issue in nursing homes across Illinois and the nation. There are many reasons for understaffing, ranging from costs to high staff turnover rates. And now, Illinois lawmakers are working to increase the consequences nursing homes face for understaffing.

Higher penalties may motivate nursing homes to make a change since understaffing has some of the most notable effects on nursing home abuse rates. Here is a summary of the damages understaffing causes.

The basics of property division in Illinois

Splitting up property during a divorce can be the root cause of many heated disputes. How do couples already at odds decide who stays in the family home, or how to distribute bank accounts? Here is a quick look at how property division works in Illinois to find out.

Common debts that lead to divorce

Money problems are often one of the most cited reasons on why many Illinois couples divorce. It can be a stressful topic to discuss and handle, and all it takes is one major mistake by one spouse to put the couple’s financial future in jeopardy.

While there are several ways in which money can ruin a marriage, some debts have proven to be more effective than others. It is important to acknowledge these issues before a divorce so that you can build your case around the issue.

Have higher speed limits made roads less safe?

One of the basic rules we learn when we start driving as a teenager is to obey the speed limit. Maintaining a safe speed is one of the easiest things a driver can do to avoid accidents -- and a traffic ticket.

However, people still speed. And it's not just going over the legal limit that puts them at risk of getting in a crash. Increasing speed limits across the country mean that people may not get a ticket for going over the limit, but they could still get into an accident when they are driving dangerously fast.

What does provoking a dog look like?

After a dog bites someone, there can be two sides to the story: the victim's and the dog owner's. Often, the owner claims that the victim provoked the dog, while the victim denies he or she did anything wrong.

Determining whether someone provoked an animal before a biting or attack incident can be more complicated than people might think. This is especially true when the victim is a child and does not understand how his or her actions might affect a dog. However, because establishing whether there was provocation is important for many reasons, we explain what provocation might look like below.

Volvo adds cameras to prevent drunk, distracted driving crashes

Cars today are safer than they have ever been. However, there are still tens of thousands of people killed in motor vehicle accidents every year. Millions more suffer serious injuries. One reason for this is that cars can only do so much of the work in keeping motorists safe; drivers must also prioritize safe driving. 

As a result, automakers are currently working to develop new technology to prevent unsafe driving behavior from causing accidents. Recently, for instance, Volvo announced it would equip their vehicles with cameras in an effort to curb drunk and distracted driving.

Nursing home violations to result in lower fines

Nursing homes are supposed to be places where our vulnerable loved ones receive the care they need from people who treat them with dignity and compassion. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen at every facility.

Too often, nursing homes patients are mistreated, overmedicated and ignored as a result of issues like staffing shortages and financial cuts. While these situations can lead to safety and health infractions by a nursing home, recent changes by the Trump administration has lowered the penalties for the infractions. This could further compromise the care patients receive (or don't receive).

What does 'best interests of the child' mean?

Family legal issues involving children can be very complicated for every party involved. These matters are often highly emotional and legally complex. As such, they may not always make sense to people navigating cases like child custody -- especially for the first time.

For instance, Illinois courts are typically directed to make decisions that align with "the best interests of the child." This standard can seem vague and, at some times, conflicting with parental beliefs. In this post, we will provide some more information on what this can mean.


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