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3 factors that make it difficult to report nursing home abuse

If your loved one is in the care of an Illinois nursing home, you play a role in the safety and well-being of that person. 

Someone in this role can be especially crucial if a patient is the victim of abuse or neglect in a nursing home. Unfortunately, this happens far more often than anyone would hope, as nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable to abuse. Further, reporting abuse in this setting can be extremely difficult for at least a few reasons.

Are climate change, developmental sprawl causing more dog bites?

When people think of factors that contribute to dog bite incidents, they often think of situations where a specific dog is either dangerous or provoked. People may not consider outside factors and influences that could be contributing to a higher risk of dog bites on a larger scale.

However, researchers from Stanford say that environmental changes could affect animal bite incidences. In fact, they say that climate change and developmental changes in cities could lead to an increase in animal bites in the near future.

New laws that impact Illinois drivers in 2019

People can become very preoccupied when January begins. Some put their focus towards their New Year’s resolution immediately, while workers and parents are slowly trying to adjust back to their normal schedules after their winter breaks.

Because of this, many often forget or are unaware of what has changed when the clock struck midnight on January 1. New laws that were passed and amended last year are now in effect. There were several new regulations that the state changed in an effort to provide safer roads for the residents and visitors. Drivers should know what these changes involve so they are aware of what the state expects to see on the streets now.

Watch out for this distracted driving myth

In recent years, there have been a lot of efforts to increase driver awareness here in the U.S. of the dangers of using a cellphone while driving. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, there remain prevalent myths on this topic that could cause considerable problems out on the roads. Today, we’ll go over one such myth.

This myth regards using a cellphone while stopped at an intersection. Most drivers understand that using a cellphone behind the wheel when a car is moving can be a dangerous distraction. However, a myth persists that using a phone behind the wheel is safe as long as a driver only uses the phone when his or her vehicle is at a stop, such as when it is stopped at a red light.

Does Illinois family law allow for child support modifications?

When there is an order for child support in Illinois, it is done with the child's best interests in mind. The financial, emotional and personal stability of the child is paramount. Most parents are happy to provide for their children even if the relationship with the former spouse is over. Some parents are amicable with one another. Others are cordial enough to communicate. Still others are involved in a contentious relationship. When it comes to family law, the child support is sacrosanct must be paid no matter what.

A question that is often asked, however, is if the order can be changed and what warrants the change. Either the custodial parent who is receiving support or the noncustodial parent who is paying support can seek a modification. Understanding the review process is key to a case. There are modification reviews conducted by the Division of Child Support Services and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. The goal is to make certain the law is adhered to and it fits in with a change in circumstances.

Might low unemployment make for less safe nursing homes?

Here in the U.S., recent times have seen unemployment rates hit their lowest levels in nearly half a century. While this is generally good news for workers, it might not be as good of news for nursing home residents. This is what a recent study suggests.

The study looked at employment data and nursing home data covering the 2001 to 2015 period. The study found that, generally, higher levels of unemployment were associated with higher levels of care quality at nursing homes.

What does an executor do during probate?

When someone passes away, loved ones and/or the courts will decide what to do with the decedent's properties, assets and liabilities. This can be difficult, but often, a person's estate plan will provide critical guidance. One particularly important point of guidance will be to assign someone to ensure a person's wishes are carried out properly. This person is the executor.

Whether you are creating an estate plan or your loved one named you as the executor of his or her estate, it can be crucial that you understand what an executor does during the probate process in Illinois. 

3 types of dangerous drivers to watch for this holiday season

Every time we get in our cars to drive somewhere, we face at least some risk of getting into an accident -- even when we take precautions and comply with traffic laws. This is because there are countless drivers on the road who fail to take these same steps to avoid crashes.

And in the coming weeks, the risk of getting into an accident can be particularly high, as certain kinds of dangerous driving can increase during the holiday season. Below, examine three types drivers to be especially wary of this month as well as what you can do if you are in an accident caused by one of them.

What constitutes a dangerous or a vicious dog in Illinois?

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. However, they can sometimes be man’s enemy as well.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. With almost 40 percent of American households owning one or more dogs, it is important for dog owners to understand their liability when it comes to dog bites.

Illinois nursing home workers steal $600,000 from patient

A 97-year-old patient in a Lincoln Park nursing home recently noticed over half a million dollars missing from her bank account. Five workers in the nursing home are now under investigation by the Chicago police department. The patient, who currently suffers from dementia, has resided in the nursing home for over eight years.

Her public guardian believes the workers accused of stealing the residences finances, include the activities director, business manager, receptionist and even a hairdresser working in the nursing home. According to an article by NBC Chicago, employees made deposits that ranged up to $25 thousand and $50 thousand.


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