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Older drivers need to exercise caution on the road

Does aging mean giving up your license to drive someday? Not necessarily. Since aging happens differently for everyone, there's no particular birthday that suddenly makes you unable to drive.

Some people may be fully capable of driving well into their eighth decade or beyond. Others may show signs of deteriorating driving skills before they turn 60. As an adult, it's your responsibility to acknowledge that your deteriorating health or vision has made driving difficult and hang up your keys.

Factors that may predict an eventual divorce

Can divorce be predicted?

Sure, everyone's probably seen at least one couple get married that clearly shouldn't have, but most people's marriages seem fairly solid -- until they suddenly aren't. Is there any way to tell, in advance, which couples are eventually going to walk into court some time after they walk down the aisle?

Being the executor of an estate doesn't have to be overwhelming

Being the executor of your loved one's estate is a great honor -- but it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Other family members may all turn to you at once with their questions, requests and need for guidance. In addition, the responsibility of safeguarding the deceased's assets until probate is finished can seem daunting.

What can you do to keep the task from becoming too much to handle?

Illinois adds cameras to tools fighting elder abuse

Elder abuse is a shockingly common crime. It's probably not that surprising that seniors can fall victim easily since many of them are physically or mentally infirm. That makes them easy targets for everything from physical and sexual abuse to financial exploitation.

Unfortunately, even when police or other authorities are aware that elder abuse might be occurring, it can be difficult to make a case against the abusers that will hold up in court. The victims are often unable to give clear, coherent testimony about precisely what was done to them. Some may not even be aware that they've been victimized.

How do car accident claims work in Illinois?

Whether you're in a fender bender in the parking lot or you get hit from behind by a car that has been tailgating you for miles, you could end up seriously injured. If that happens, it's important to understand how injury laws operate in Illinois.

Illinois follows the majority of the rest of the states when it comes to car accidents: The person who negligently caused the accident is liable for any injuries from that accident. This is unlike the states that use the "no-fault" rule that makes every driver essentially responsible for his or her own damages. However, Illinois also uses a rule known as "modified comparative negligence" when it determines how much the negligent driver has to pay.

What factors does a judge use in Illinois custody cases?

One of the most contentious areas of family law is child custody determinations, which is technically known as the allocation of "parental responsibility" under Illinois law. Parents naturally have strong emotions about where their child will spend most of his or her time and who will be in charge of his or her upbringing.

Ideally, parents can come together and agree on a parenting plan that spells out each parent's responsibilities. When that isn't possible, however, the court will step in an allocate decision-making authority and parenting time according to whatever the judge thinks is in the best interests of the child.

Signs of nursing home abuse you should be mindful of

The future of multifamily housing developments are undoubtedly focused on senior citizens. After all, the number of baby boomers turning 65 continues to grow, and more elderly Americans are choosing to live independently. Nevertheless, the number of assisted living centers and nursing homes continues to grow as well. The proliferation of such facilities comes with an unintended difficulty: the lack of qualified staff.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), more than one million Americans over the age of 65 have experienced some type of abuse, neglect or exploitation by their caregivers who usually fit this profile. Many suffer in silence because of fear and embarrassment, so countless elder abuse victims never see justice. Because of this, it is critical for family members and loved ones to recognize the signs of elder abuse so that something can be done sooner rather than later.

What to do after a motorcycle accident

What makes riding a motorcycle so enjoyable is the same thing that makes them dangerous. A motorcycle rider is fully exposed on their bike, making them more likely to be ejected from their vehicle in an accident and to come into contact with the road, another vehicle or other surfaces. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in an injury or death.

While most motorcyclists are safe, licensed drivers, not everyone on the road shares that background. The other driver might be on a cell phone, intoxicated or needlessly aggressive. When a motorcycle and car collide, it's a perilous situation.


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