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October 2018 Archives

3 ways having an estate plan makes probate easier for loved ones

When people think about reasons why they should have an estate plan, they often think of protecting their assets and documenting their wishes. However, having an estate plan also plays an important role for loved ones. In fact, without an estate plan, many aspects of a person's death can become much harder than they need to be.

Tackling dehydration in dementia patients

Patients with dementia are among those most vulnerable to neglect and abuse in nursing home facilities. Their cognitive declines often mean they do not remember or cannot verbalize any mistreatment they have experienced, and those who do make a report can be dismissed as being confused.

Talking to elderly parents about driving

Driving is a major responsibility. Unfortunately, there are many drivers behind the wheel who cannot fulfill this responsibility because of physical limitations or health problems. This could include your parents if they are getting older and suffering from conditions that affect their driving abilities.

Drowsy driving: A leading cause in trucking accidents

Long-haul truckers transport materials throughout Illinois and across the United States. For many reasons, their careers prove extremely dangerous, as they spend hours facing hazards on the road. Unfortunately, due to the length of their driving shifts, drowsy driving plays a significant role in trucking accidents.


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