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Drowsy driving: A leading cause in trucking accidents

Long-haul truckers transport materials throughout Illinois and across the United States. For many reasons, their careers prove extremely dangerous, as they spend hours facing hazards on the road. Unfortunately, due to the length of their driving shifts, drowsy driving plays a significant role in trucking accidents.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, over 5,000 individuals die per year in commercial truck accidents. If you face a serious injury due to a drowsy truck driver, you are not alone, as over 11,000 people face injuries due to these dangerous occurrences. If a tired truck driver caused your injuries, you may have the opportunity to receive significant compensation for expenses related to your accident, so that you can focus on recovery rather than monetary burdens.

Symptoms of drowsy driving

The National Sleep Foundation identifies multiple symptoms of drowsy driving that tired truckers experience. These symptoms hinder a driver’s ability to see hazards and react to various traffic incidents. As their cognitive and motor abilities are both compromised when they feel drowsy, truckers can seriously injure other drivers with their large commercial vehicles.

The following symptoms could indicate a drowsy driver. A driver may:

  • Have trouble concentrating
  • Blink frequently or close their eyes for too long
  • Nod off
  • Continuously yawn
  • Feel restless
  • Not be able to stay in their lane
  • Drift into the shoulder
  • Miss exits or signs

If you notice a driver that seems to be experiencing any of the symptoms of driving while tired, you may wish to alert their company by calling the phone number normally listed on the back of the truck. You may also dial 9-1-1 if you feel as though you are in immediate danger. Though truck drivers have deadlines to meet, he or she may risk the lives of others if they choose to drive while drowsy.

Your right to compensation

Drowsy driving constitutes driving without due care, and if a truck driver injures you, you have the authority to receive compensation for your expenses. In personal injury cases, you may have the opportunity to receive the following monetary benefits after you can prove negligence of the truck driver.

  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital visits
  • Prescription medications
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Loss of work
  • Pain and suffering, if applicable

Trucking accidents can prove deadly, so truck drivers should always remain on high alert when driving heavy commercial loads. If a truck driver should injure you due to their drowsy driving, you may have the right to compensatory damages in Illinois.

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