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December 2018 Archives

Does Illinois family law allow for child support modifications?

When there is an order for child support in Illinois, it is done with the child's best interests in mind. The financial, emotional and personal stability of the child is paramount. Most parents are happy to provide for their children even if the relationship with the former spouse is over. Some parents are amicable with one another. Others are cordial enough to communicate. Still others are involved in a contentious relationship. When it comes to family law, the child support is sacrosanct must be paid no matter what.

Might low unemployment make for less safe nursing homes?

Here in the U.S., recent times have seen unemployment rates hit their lowest levels in nearly half a century. While this is generally good news for workers, it might not be as good of news for nursing home residents. This is what a recent study suggests.

What does an executor do during probate?

When someone passes away, loved ones and/or the courts will decide what to do with the decedent's properties, assets and liabilities. This can be difficult, but often, a person's estate plan will provide critical guidance. One particularly important point of guidance will be to assign someone to ensure a person's wishes are carried out properly. This person is the executor.

3 types of dangerous drivers to watch for this holiday season

Every time we get in our cars to drive somewhere, we face at least some risk of getting into an accident -- even when we take precautions and comply with traffic laws. This is because there are countless drivers on the road who fail to take these same steps to avoid crashes.


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