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3 types of dangerous drivers to watch for this holiday season

Every time we get in our cars to drive somewhere, we face at least some risk of getting into an accident -- even when we take precautions and comply with traffic laws. This is because there are countless drivers on the road who fail to take these same steps to avoid crashes.

And in the coming weeks, the risk of getting into an accident can be particularly high, as certain kinds of dangerous driving can increase during the holiday season. Below, examine three types drivers to be especially wary of this month as well as what you can do if you are in an accident caused by one of them.

  • Distracted drivers - Drivers can easily become distracted during the holiday season. Some can be lost and trying to enter a destination into a GPS, others can be shopping while driving. People can also be distracted by looking at holiday lights, changing the radio station or responding to a text about gift ideas. Whatever the distraction may be, inattentive drivers put themselves and everyone around them in danger of getting into an accident.
  • Drunk drivers - Nothing ruins holidays faster than a drunk driver. Unfortunately, drunk driving can increase around holidays because people may be attending more social gatherings or dealing with seasonal stress or depression, which can make them more likely to drink. And too many people will then get in their cars to drive, even though they shouldn't.
  • Drowsy drivers - The stress and demands of the holiday can make people lose sleep. In the next few weeks, there is a very real risk that another driver sharing the road with you will be drowsy, whether it's a college student cramming for finals or someone taking on extra shifts to pay for Christmas gifts. When a person is sleep-deprived, he or she can be just as dangerous behind the wheel as an intoxicated driver.

Too many people will wind up dealing with property damage and serious injuries after an accident with one of these drivers. If this includes you or your loved one, talking to an attorney about the legal and financial remedies available can be a critical part of your recovery process.

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