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Important tips if you want an amicable divorce

Too many people make the mistake of assuming a divorce has be a highly contentious process. They might hear about a friend or celebrity's ugly split and assume that the process will be the same for them.

However, plenty of people are able to dissolve their marriage amicably. They can work together and stay out of the courtroom, which can save time and money. They can also minimize the adverse emotional toll a divorce takes on themselves and their children. If this sounds like the approach you want to take in your divorce, there are a few important tips for how you can make this work.

Prioritize peaceful problem-solving

One of the most effective ways to make divorce less divisive is to stay out of court and make decisions together. This happens through alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation.

By participating in mediation, parties work together to resolve divorce-related matters. They may be more agreeable and willing to compromise. In the end, parties can reach decisions faster and be more satisfied with the results, which can make everyone happier.

Focus on the big picture

In an amicable divorce, there will need to be negotiations and compromise. If you get upset over every detail or refuse to give in on anything, a divorce can ultimately become bitter and unproductive.

Set your priorities from the beginning and then try to focus on the bigger picture: securing a fair and peaceful outcome that makes it easier to move forward.

Avoid antagonizing one another

Divorce can bring out some unflattering reactions and emotions. Rather than let these responses control your actions and the process, try to keep antagonistic behavior in check. 

Stay off social media; don't make false allegations out of fear; comply with court orders; keep correspondence dispassionate and in writing.

Utilizing these tips can help you navigate a divorce more easily. Of course, there can be conflict and disagreement along the way. However, practicing these tips can help you overcome disputes more quickly, making it easier for you -- and your family -- to get through this difficult time and transition.

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