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Watch out for this distracted driving myth

In recent years, there have been a lot of efforts to increase driver awareness here in the U.S. of the dangers of using a cellphone while driving. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, there remain prevalent myths on this topic that could cause considerable problems out on the roads. Today, we’ll go over one such myth.

This myth regards using a cellphone while stopped at an intersection. Most drivers understand that using a cellphone behind the wheel when a car is moving can be a dangerous distraction. However, a myth persists that using a phone behind the wheel is safe as long as a driver only uses the phone when his or her vehicle is at a stop, such as when it is stopped at a red light.

The reality is that the dangers posed by being distracted by a cellphone when driving don’t disappear when a vehicle is at a stop.

For one, even when a vehicle is stopped, it is very important for a driver to stay attentive and alert as to what is happening in the area. Such attentiveness can help with preventing missteps that could lead to intersection accidents, such as pedestrian accidents.

Also, the distracting effects of cellphone use can linger. So, drivers who use their phone when stopped at an intersection could still be in a distracted state-of-mind when their car starts moving again.

One hopes all Illinois drivers will take care to stay properly informed on what constitutes safe and responsible driving and to avoid potentially dangerous driving-related myths.

Distracted driving can lead to crashes that cause serious injuries. Skilled attorneys can assist individuals harmed by distracted drivers with fighting for their compensation rights.

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