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If your children's needs are met, why must you pay child support?

During your divorce process, there are many things you and your soon-to-be ex need to determine. You will have to figure out how to divide your property, decide what kind of child custody arrangement will work best and agree on child support.

Both of you probably already feel as though you support your children physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. So, if you decide to share parenting time, you may wonder why child support payments might still be necessary.

What expenses does child support cover?

Some people may be of the belief that you should only have to pay child support to cover immediate essential needs such as shelter, food and clothing. However, considering the overall health and wellbeing of your children, there is much more they need in order to thrive.

In addition to providing basic necessities for your children, your child support payments might include expenses related to:

· Healthcare

· Entertainment

· Childcare

· Educational opportunities

· Extracurricular activities

· Travel arrangements

In some cases, child support orders might also include college tuition.

In general, it might be important for you to communicate your concerns for yourself with the court right from the start. When determining the amount of child support you are responsible for, the court will not just consider the financial needs of your children - they will likely consider your income and ability to pay, as well. Your perspective on this can definitely make a difference because there is no one that understands your situation the way you do.

Considerations for the future of you and your kids

Raising children is expensive. And providing in a way that enriches your children's lives may seem daunting post-divorce. When agreeing on the terms of your divorce, you must advocate for a child support amount you believe to be fair. Getting to that fair amount will allow you to meet the needs of your children while reestablishing yourself in your new single life.

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