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What does an executor do during probate?

When someone passes away, loved ones and/or the courts will decide what to do with the decedent's properties, assets and liabilities. This can be difficult, but often, a person's estate plan will provide critical guidance. One particularly important point of guidance will be to assign someone to ensure a person's wishes are carried out properly. This person is the executor.

3 ways having an estate plan makes probate easier for loved ones

When people think about reasons why they should have an estate plan, they often think of protecting their assets and documenting their wishes. However, having an estate plan also plays an important role for loved ones. In fact, without an estate plan, many aspects of a person's death can become much harder than they need to be.

What happens during probate?

After a loved one passes away, family members and friends can be dealing with considerable grief. Having to settle the person's affairs often makes this difficult situation even more upsetting, and many people don't know what to do.


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